Shixz [Sh – ih – x] are a race descended from ancient dragons. They’re much smaller and have greater populations. They largely live in the Foth Desert where they have constructed a trade-capital: Vriv. Shixz are by their nature traders and artists who prefer to use whatever goods and objects they can find among the treacherous desert to fuel their aesthetic philosophies and delights. To many, they seem quiet or suspicious – and you might be right. Though crime rates in their cities are among the lowest, they are notoriously envious of others’ wealth and talents.

As a species, Shixz reproduce by the females laying eggs which are then fertilized and buried by the males. Both genders are legally equal in the eyes of the government, but often find themselves segregated into various professions due to slight differences in anatomy and psychology.

Politically the Shixz have constructed an Aristocracy, with the most intelligent ruling as part of a council. The rest are divided into semi-mobile castes and groups. Dissent among the lowest castes are high, but there is little criminal or truly rebellious activity.

Type: Dragon
Genders: Male & Female
Size: Medium
Ability Bonus: Constitution
Ability Bonus: Wisdom
Ability Penalty: Charisma
Move Speed: 30
Burrow Speed: 15
Perception: Thermal (5)
Trait I: Vulnerable to Cold
Trait II: +2 vs. Poison
Trait III: Unable to Swim
Trait IV: +2 Racial Bonus to Survival
Language: Isth
Primary Deity: Havri


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