The Koung are a unique people that appear largely like fur-less primates. The are tall, often edging over 7 feet but never more than 8 feet. Though they’ve centered the capital Lomb and their trade-city Mae, their peoples are still largely agricultural and tribal. Walking amongst their cities grants the feeling that the people are held captive by a want for organization more than a true appreciation.

Visually, they are slender with long, artistic hairstyles made out of naturally-occurring dreadlocks. Hair colors range from brown, to green, to autumn-red. Their faces and bodies seem vaguely familiar, though the skull shape is more round. Almond-shaped eyes hide pitch-white eyes that insinuate blindness to many other species, but alas they can see as well as any other.

They are highly superstitious, tribal, nomadic, and communal. Though their cities hide it, they are also rebellious and do not care for organization or cleanliness.

Type: Humanoid
Genders: Male & Female
Size: Medium
Ability Bonus: Strength
Ability Bonus: Charisma
Ability Penalty: Wisdom
Default Move Speed: 30
Trait I: Magic (Arcane)
Trait II: Vulnerable to Sonic
Language: Hung-ko
Primary Deity: Eirnacht


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